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20mph: Over 250 drivers caught exceeding limit in Wales


The majority of residential roads throughout Wales changed from being 30mph to 20mph last September.

This was, according to the Welsh Government, to help ‘save lives’.

But, the move has been heavily criticised by members of the public, politicians and more since it was introduced.

An ‘engagement process’ was launched last month between North Wales Police, GoSafe and other relevant authorities to ensure drivers were sticking to the new limit.

Throughout January 2024, 10,000 drivers were checked all across Wales during what they called ‘Operation Ugain’.

Of those drivers, 272 were found to be exceeding the speed limit, GoSafe has revealed.

However, they added that there has been just two prosecutions as a result of the operation so far.

The other 270 people took part in an ‘engagement session’ instead of facing prosecution.


Operation Ugain is a scheme funded by the Welsh Government, and run in partnership between Wales’ four police forces, and three fire and rescue services as well as GoSafe and councils.

The scheme launched on January 8 and means drivers who have been caught exceeding 26mph in areas covered by the 20mph speed limit, are mostly spoken to and shown a presentation, rather than being fined or prosecuted.

A statement from GoSafe reads: “GoSafe, Welsh Police Forces, and Welsh Fire and Rescue Services, are focused on engaging with communities in areas where the speed limit has changed from 30mph to 20mph. The aim is to help drivers adjust to the change.

“Operation Ugain uses speed monitoring equipment to identify people travelling over the speed limit, before police officers stop the vehicle and give the driver a choice between roadside engagement or points and a fine.

“While drivers will be offered the free engagement as an alternative, they can refuse, which will then result in prosecution. For those exceeding the speed limit to a greater degree, they will not be eligible for an engagement session and will be prosecuted.

“If drivers choose the engagement, The Welsh Fire and Rescue Services will deliver a free presentation that lasts approximately 10 minutes. It aims to inform people on the change in default speed limit, the reasons behind the change, and how they can identify the roads it applies to.”


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