Amin Sayani and Binaca Geet Mala were an integral part of our life: Makarand Waikar | Pune News – DollarJob

Amin Sayani and Binaca Geet Mala were an integral part of our life: Makarand Waikar | Pune News


As a youngster, I would listen to the Binaca Geet Mala on radio and wait to see if in the song countdown, my favourite song would be his favourite too! It was thrilling if my choice matched his.

Like me, anyone listening to the radio during its golden era, would likely have had a relationship with the legendary Ameen Sayaniji. Millions of households would tune in to his popular program, Binaca Geetmala, every Wednesday at 8 pm. For me too, it was a family time; everyone would gather around the radio and tune in to the shortwave band of Radio Ceylon ahead of time so as not to miss a single minute of his program. Those who couldn’t make it home in time would stop by a restaurant or shop to listen to it, ensuring they didn’t miss it at any cost!

It was the first program to rank Hindi popular songs in India, a novel concept for all of us. We all had our own favorite songs, but would they be among the top songs of the week according to the rankings? That was the big question, leading to natural competition within the family to see who would win

Binaca Geetmala was popular mainly because of the magnetic voice of Ameen Sayaniji and his own unique style of keeping listeners engrossed. Before playing the next song in the ranking, he used to give a small hint or share an anecdote to help you guess the song.

My ‘date’ with Ameen Sayani ji was twice a week. He was also a quizmaster for the Bournvita Quiz Contest for a few years, which was broadcasted every Sunday at 2 pm. Popular among school and college students, Ameen Sayani ji was at his best with questions, hints, and short explanations of the correct answers. It was a time for me and my friends to test our general knowledge and also learn new things from him.

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The documentary film ‘My Radio My Life’ would have been incomplete without an episode on Binaca Geetmala and radio quiz contests. One of the protagonists and an avid Radio listener, Harimohan Pillai remembers the day when he presented a portrait sketch to Ameen Sayani ji as the most important moment in his life. These scenes take viewers back to their own memorable days of radio.

(As told to Raveena Warkad)


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