Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri: All you need to know about the India’s Civilian Awards | Trending News – DollarJob

Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri: All you need to know about the India’s Civilian Awards | Trending News


Awards are symbols of appreciation and honour bestowed on individuals with notable achievements in diverse professions. Among India’s highest honours, the Civilian Awards, announced annually on January 26th, Republic Day, are presented to the respective recipients by the President of India.

Introduced in 1954, the Civilian Awards recognise individuals for their exceptional service and contributions in various fields such as arts, literature, sports, medicine, social service, science, and public affairs. conferred to people with outstanding achievements in their field of work.

Categorised as per the degree of honour, it includes the Bharat Ratna Award and the Padma Award. Here is everything you need to know about the Civilian Awards in India.

Bharat Ratna: 1st degree of honour

The Bharat Ratna, also known as the ‘Jewel of India’ or ‘Gem of India’, is India’s highest civilian honour, bestowed upon individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the nation’s progress and prosperity. Established in 1954 by then-President Rajendra Prasad, it is made of bronze and designed in the shape of a peepal leaf, embossed with the sun. The reverse side bears India’s emblem, the ‘Ashok Chakra’, and the motto, ‘Satyameva Jayate’. Initially awarded for achievements in literature, science, the arts, and public services, the Indian government expanded the criteria in 2011, as it is a symbol of national gratitude and recognition, impacting India and its people through its contributions.

India Civilian Awards, Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri Bharat Ratna medal

A complete list of Bharat Ratna Awardees from 1954 till 2024

Here is a list that highlights the diverse contributions of each awardee, ranging from arts and music to politics and science, reflecting the broad scope of the Bharat Ratna award in recognising exceptional service of the highest order.

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Padma Vibhushan: 2nd degree of honour

Padma medals There are three levels of Padma Awards: Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri. (Photo: Padma Awards website)

Padma Bhushan: 3rd degree of honour

Ranking third in the hierarchy of civilian awards, Padma Bhushan was instituted in 1954 as well. It is awarded for distinguished service of a high order to the nation in any field, including services rendered by government servants like doctors and scientists, excluding those working with public sector undertakings. Having a similar design to the Padma Vibhushan, however, the Padma Bhushan’s embossing is done in gold.

Padma Shri: 4th degree of honour

The fourth-highest civilian award in the Republic of India, Padma Shri, was instituted in 1954. It is given to Indian citizens in recognition of their outstanding contributions in a variety of fields, including the services provided by government employees. Having the shape of a superimposition of a geometric pattern on the circle, the words “Padma” and “Shri” are inscribed in the award, above and below the lotus flower in the centre, done in stainless steel, with the periphery furnished in bronze.


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