Congress alleges I-T department withdrew Rs 65 crore from its bank accounts | India News – DollarJob

Congress alleges I-T department withdrew Rs 65 crore from its bank accounts | India News


The Congress Wednesday alleged that the Income Tax department has “withdrawn” Rs 65 crore from its accounts in different banks “undemocratically” even when the case pertaining to their I-T returns for previous years is sub judice.

Making the claim, party treasurer Ajay Maken said “democracy will be over if the action of probe agencies goes unchecked”, adding that the Congress has full faith in the judiciary.

“Yesterday (Tuesday), the Income Tax department mandated banks to transfer over Rs 65 crores from Congress, IYC, and NSUI accounts to the government — Rs 5 crores from IYC and NSUI, and Rs 60.25 crores from INC, marking a concerning move by the BJP Government,” Maken posted on X.

He questioned, “Is it common for national political parties to pay Income Tax? No. Does the BJP pay Income Tax? No. Why then is the Congress Party facing an unprecedented demand of ₹210 crores?”

He said during Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) proceedings Wednesday, the party presented its case and the hearing will continue Thursday.

Festive offer

Maken said the funds in question were raised through grassroots efforts, including crowd funding and membership drives by the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) and National Students’ Union of India (NSUI).

“This situation raises a crucial question about the state of democracy. Is it under threat?” Maken said, adding, “Our hope now lies with the judiciary.”

“The I-T department had written to various banks to withdraw a sum of Rs 65 crore from different bank accounts of the Congress and IYC in view of the demand raised by the I-T authorities earlier, despite the appellate authorities hearing the case,” Maken said.

He said even when the ITAT, which the Congress had moved against the I-T department’s claim of Rs 210 crore as recovery for “discrepancies” in previous tax returns has been stayed and a lien has been marked, tax authorities have resorted to “undemocratic action” by taking out the amount from their accounts.

Maken said the party had written to its bankers not to withdraw any amount as the case was sub judice and hearing in the case before the I-T tribunal was still on.

Earlier, Maken in a post on X said that concerns rise over the actions of Central Government agencies, potentially threatening the multi-party system in India. “If unchecked, democracy in India will be over,” he wrote.

In a post in Hindi, he said, “Since yesterday (Tuesday) evening, Congress has been a victim of the undemocratic attitude of the government machinery.”

On February 16, the Congress had announced that its bank accounts had been frozen by the I-T department in connection with a dispute over a tax demand of Rs 210 crore, and that the ITAT later allowed it to partly operate its accounts until next Wednesday when it would hear the matter.


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