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Delhi Confidential: The Troubleshooter | Delhi Confidential News


Sunday last, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal referred to senior advocate A M Singhvi, who has been representing the party in several cases, as ‘sankatmochan’ (reliever of troubles). A day later, it was the senior counsel’s turn to live up to the role, as he scored success one after the other in three cases before the Supreme Court, for three different parties. The senior counsel secured a stay on the breach of privilege notice issued by the Lok Sabha secretariat to West Bengal Chief Secretary and other officials on a complaint lodged by BJP MP Sukanta Majumdar over Sandeshkhali developments; got a stay on a criminal trial against Congress leader and Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah for a 2022 protest; and had a bench allow the Sharad Pawar faction of the NCP to use the name ‘Nationalist Congress Party-Sharadchandra Pawar’ granted by the Election Commission, till further orders. And on Tuesday, he successfully got a ruling in favour of the AAP candidate for the Chandigarh Mayor polls.

Tech Check

The WHO event to launch the Global Initiative on Digital Health, which was spearheaded by India during its G20 presidency, experienced some technical glitches, leading to minor communication disruption. Taking it in stride, the director of WHO’s digital health department, Dr Alain Labrique, who was coordinating the session, said in jest that no good digital initiative goes without a technical issue. When it happened a second time, he referred to it as another gremlin crawling in the system and said it was a sobering reminder that sometimes things end up working better in rural India but not in the sophisticated rooms in Geneva.


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