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Flintshire and Wrexham stops on UK list of busiest train stations


On Time Trains was launched in 2017, with the goal of revealing just how often our trains run on time.

Its website allows people to search for a journey, such as their commute, to see the best and worst services to travel on.

Data which OnTimeTrains has collated also shows the visitor rates of train stations throughout the UK.

Data shown is collected from National Rail (Darwin), Network Rail, NaPTAN, ORR Station Usage and Open Rail Data Community.

The majority of data on the site, including departures and arrivals, is refreshed every 5-10 minutes.

Here’s how your local stops in Flintshire and Wrexham rank among the rest of the UK (Out of the 2,619 stations that are listed):

** Data correct at time of writing.

Wrexham Central

Is currently the 2,008th busiest train station in the UK with an average of 115 passengers a day passing through.

It is also the 1,330th best in terms of its trains arriving on time.

Wrexham General 

The UK’s 792nd busiest station with 1,364 passengers a day.

It is currently the 2,151st best in the UK in terms of trains being on time, placing it in the bottom 500 list of stations on OnTimeTrains. 

Gwersyllt (Wrexham)

The 2,213th busiest station in the UK with an average of just 55 passengers a day.

It is currently the 1,911th best performing station.

Chirk (Wrexham)

The 1,779th busiest train station in the UK, with an average of 201 passengers per day.

It’s ranking of being the 2,302nd best performing stop in the UK places it, like Wrexham General, among the bottom 500 stations in that respect.


Caergwrle (Wrexham)

The second quietest station on the list with is average of 28 passengers per day making it the 2,332nd busiest station in the UK.

Caergwrle is the 1,953rd best performing of the 2,619 stations ranked.

Flint (Flintshire)

The UK’s 1,166th busiest train station, according to OnTimeTrains, with an average of 642 passengers a day.

It is the 1,832nd best performing stop among the 2,619 stations ranked.

Cefn-Y-Bedd (Flintshire)

The 2,389th busiest stop in the UK and the quietest in the Flintshire/Wrexham area with an average of just 16 passengers a day passing through.

It is the 1,879th best performing station of the UK’s 2,619 stations ranked.

Shotton (Flintshire)

The 1,289th busiest station in the UK with 520 passengers a day passing through. 

Shotton is the 2,149th best performing station in the UK, ranking it in the bottom 500, like Chirk and Wrexham General.

The Leader: PIC: Train stations in Flintshire and Wrexham area (Credit: Transport for Wales).

Hawarden (Flintshire)

The UK’s 2,186th busiest train station with 64 passengers a day on average.

Hawarden is the 2,124th best performing station, which again ranks it in the bottom 500, where it joins Shotton, Chirk and Wrexham General.

Buckley (Flintshire)

The 2,113th busiest train station in the UK with 84 passengers a day on average.

It is the 1,888th best performing station on OnTimeTrains’ website.

Penyffordd (Flintshire)

The 2,234th busiest train station in the UK with an average of 49 passengers per day.

Penyffordd is the 1,975th best performing station on the list.

Hope (Flintshire)

The 2,237th busiest on the list with 49 passengers a day on average.

Hope sits in 2,011th best position of the UK’s 2,619 stations ranked on OnTimeTrains.


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