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Meta testing new feature that automatically shares content from Facebook to Threads | Technology News


Meta is testing a new feature that lets users simultaneously share content on both Facebook and Threads at the same time. This is similar to Instagram’s existing cross-posting functionality, which lets you share posts shared on the platform to Facebook and vice-versa.

According to TechCrunch, a Meta representative recently confirmed that the company is testing the ability to share content from Facebook to Threads, but the functionality seems to be limited to iOS devices right now.

A Threads user who goes by the handle @whimchic also said that her post was automatically published to both Instagram and Facebook accounts associated with her profile, but it did not indicate that the content was cross-posted.

Threads cross post feature The screenshot indicates that you can turn off the cross-posting feature with a single tap. (Image Source: @whimchic/Threads)

While it may be helpful for creators who want to avoid the hassle of posting the same thing on Threads, Instagram and Facebook, it may be troublesome for users who want to keep their social media profiles separate. For Meta, it might lead to increased engagement on Threads and increase the content posted on the platform.

This is not the first time Meta has been testing the ability to share content between its different social media platforms. In November last year, the tech giant rolled out a new functionality that automatically shared content posted on Threads to other Meta-owned social media networks. After receiving backlash from users, Meta added an option that enabled users to turn off automatic sharing by default.

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However, it is still unclear if the cross-posting feature will be available to everyone in the coming days, so you might have to wait a while before being able to cross-post amongst Meta’s social media networks. Apart from cross-posting, Threads is also reportedly testing a new ‘Write with AI’ writing assistant designed to help people draft their posts.

Earlier this month, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Threads has more than 130 million active users compared to X’s 550 million active user base, a number Elon Musk shared in September 2023.


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