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U.S. under fire for veto of U.N. cease-fire resolution


China leads global criticism of U.S. cease-fire veto at U.N.

HONG KONG — China accused the U.S. of sending the “wrong message” and pushing Gaza “into a more dangerous situation” as it vetoed a U.N. resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire.

“Under the current circumstances, remaining passive and evasive on the issue of an immediate cease-fire is tantamount to giving the green light for continued killing,” Chinese envoy to the U.N. Zhang Jun said.

Russia and Saudi Arabia were also critical, while diplomats from France and Qatar voiced regret. Aid groups expressed dismay, with Doctors Without Borders accusing Washington of being “complicit in extending the suffering of Palestinian civilians.”

The vote in the 15-member Security Council was 13-1 on the Arab-backed resolution, with the U.S. vetoing and Britain abstaining.

Bombardments continue in Gaza City

Israeli bombardment in Gaza City
AFP – Getty Images
Israeli Bombardment in Gaza City
AFP – Getty Images

Smoke rises from buildings in Gaza City during an Israeli bombardment on yesterday, as the debris from shattered buildings lines the streets.

U.S. would like cease-fire by Ramadan; Israel has not provided plan for Rafah

Israel has not presented a plan to protect more than a million civilians in Rafah ahead of its threatened assault on the border city, according to State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller.

Miller said in a briefing today that while he’s seen reports that a plan is being drafted, he could not speak to what that might include. Officials are also hoping a temporary cease-fire can be implemented in Gaza before the start of Ramadan, which is expected to begin on March 10 after sunset.

“As I said we’d like to get it as soon as possible, so that’s what we’re going to continue to try to do,” Miller said. “At the same time, we have made clear that Israel should not launch a full military campaign in Rafah unless it has a humanitarian plan that is both credible and realistic and one that they can execute.”

Israeli Minister Benny Gantz, a member of the government’s war Cabinet, said yesterday that Israel’s military campaign will continue into the holy Islamic month if hostages are still in Gaza at the time.


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