Vishal lashes out at former AIADMK leader AV Raju for his derogatory comments about Trisha: ‘I hope you rot in hell’ | Tamil News – DollarJob

Vishal lashes out at former AIADMK leader AV Raju for his derogatory comments about Trisha: ‘I hope you rot in hell’ | Tamil News


Former AIADMK leader AV Raju is currently facing severe backlash for his comments about actor Trisha. Speaking to the media, Raju made some vulgar and baseless allegations against the actor that left many in shock and disgust. Trisha on Tuesday took to social media to share that she is filing a case against Raju. Now, actor Vishal, the secretary of Nadigar Sangam aka the South Indian Artistes’ Association, has lashed out at Raju.

Vishal released a statement without mentioning any names as he did not want to give attention to the culprit. The actor claimed that AV Raju had done the act to seek attention and that mentioning his name would work in his favour.

In a strongly worded statement, Vishal came out in support of his Samar co-star Trisha. However, Vishal said that he is not making the statement because he is her co-star or that he is the secretary of Nadigar Sangam.

Vishal wrote, “I just heard that a stupid idiot from a political party spoke very ill and disgustingly about someone from our film fraternity. I will not mention your name nor the name of the person you targeted because I know you did it for publicity. I definitely will not mention names because we are not just good friends but also mutual co-artistes in the film fraternity. I wish and hope that the women in your house welcome you back home after what you have done, if they even have a conscience, even if you don’t have one. Yes, it truly pains me to put up a tweet to even retaliate over such a demon on Earth.

He added, “What you have done is absolutely filthy and not worth mentioning, But these particular ppl mean a lot personally and professionally. Honestly, I don’t want to condemn you, which is an understatement, but I hope you rot in hell. Once again, I don’t intend to make this statement as a general secretary of the artist association, but as a human being, as much as you can be on Earth, which you will never be. Of course, this has become a trend of trying to make money out of negative publicity about celebrities. Get a job, a better job. You might start as a beggar to learn some basic discipline at least.”

Other than Vishal, actor-director Cheran and director RK Selvamani have come out in support of Trisha. Now, AV Raju has issued an apology, stating that his statement was misconstrued and that he never intended to hurt the 96 actor.


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