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Wrexham mum diagnosed with MS four months after giving birth


Anna Hurst, born in Poland, lives in Llay, Wrexham, with her partner and two children.

In December 2020, her life was turned upside down after having an episode of optic neuritis. Sadly, this led to her diagnosis of MS.

The Leader: Anna with her daughter, Alana.Anna with her daughter, Alana. (Image: Anna Hurst)

It was a year later in December 2021, just four months after delivering her daughter, Alana, that things progressed and became much worse.

Anna, 33, said: “I had three relapses within the space of a month and being unable to see, hear or walk, I ended up in Walton Hospital.

“Being away from our 4 month old baby girl and unable to remember her first Christmas was painful.

“I knew I was in the right place but I had no idea where my recovery would take me. Nobody can really tell you anything about MS because it’s so unpredictable.

“I had an MRI scan and was told things were really bad. I then had physio and I was determined that I would get up. I was put on the strongest treatment while having five rounds of plasma exchange to give my brain the best chances to recover.”

The Leader: Anna with her beautiful family - husband John and children Alana and Charlie.Anna with her beautiful family – husband John and children Alana and Charlie. (Image: Anna Hurst)

After spending a month away from her family and the start of the COVID-19 lockdown making her feel even more isolated, Anna felt as though she was missing out on her daughter’s upbringing. 

She was eventually discharged with the appropriate support measures put in place by Walton Hospital in their family home, as well as continuing frequent physio sessions.

Two years later, Anna can finally walk again with no support.

The Leader: Anna, John, Alana and Charlie.Anna, John, Alana and Charlie. (Image: Anna Hurst)

She continues: “Thanks to the amazing care of Walton Hospital and every person I met on my journey to recovery, I can hear again, I can see and I can walk. 

“I’m holding our second child, Charlie, in my arms who is six months old. I can run around the garden with my little girl who is now two and a half.”

To give back, Anna is determined to raise crucial funds for the Walton Hospital, as well as spreading awareness for MS. You can see Anna’s JustGiving page here.

On May 11, 2024, she will be walking up Snowdon for the very first time joined by the people who supported her recovery, including her ‘amazing’ husband John, sister in law, Kathy, and therapy assistant from Walton, Sarah.


She has already reached her initial target of £500 but is determined to surpass it with flying colours.

Anna extends her gratitude to everyone who has sent her well wishes and donations. 

“MS, I know you are a part of me, but I won’t ever let you rule my life again”, she said.


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